Sarasota Storm Protection Service

“Hope” is not a plan! If you don’t have a plan to secure your property while you are away, you could run the risk of being noncompliant with your home owner’s insurance policy, home owner’s association and even expose your home (and neighbors) to the increased risk of major damage.

Do not expose yourself to unwanted liability! Take preemptive measures to ensure that your home is secure during a major weather event coordinated by Advanced Home Watch.

The potential threat of tropical storms and hurricanes can be enormously stressful for absent homeowners. To help reduce the stress we work with our clients by coordinating shutter installation through licensed contractors to ensure that your hurricane equipment is installed properly. We work side by side with our contractors to formulate a realistic plan for preventing damage to your home and keeping you informed throughout a major storm or hurricane.

If a named hurricane is formed from June 1 to November 30, or if a major weather event is predicted near your home, Advanced Home Watch will contact you to discuss and align around “next steps.”

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Why Advanced Home Watch?

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Pre-Hurricane Services

Should a hurricane or the “cone of uncertainty” include the immediate area of your residence, we will take the following actions to help coordinate the following:

  • Removal of all lanai/patio furniture.
  • Removal of other items around your home that can cause damage to your property.
  • Oversee installation of hurricane equipment.
  • Send photos and checklist once service is completed.

Post-Hurricane Services

  • Replace lanai/patio furniture.

  • Replace all items around your home to their original location.

  • Secure shutters back into storage.

  • Electronically send photos and audit report upon completion of the inspection.

  • Contact owner to discuss findings.

*Post-hurricane services are to be provided in a manner that abides by local authorities following a storm.

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